Test Track on this Week’s Travel with Rick

This week on Travel with Rick, my good friend John Donahue and I take you on a high speed ride on Epcot’s Test Track.  This attraction has great theming, particularly through the que line, and John and I point out as much as possible, even though we missed part of it since we entered through the FastPass entrance. John also points out a hidden mickey that I had never noticed before, so you’ll want to pay close attention for that as we’re walking through the que!

Again in this episode, since so many of you have asked, we both used lapel mics on our ride so we could “narrate” some of what you see and experience throughout the attraction.

A really big thanks to John for joining us for this ride, he’s so much fun to hang out with and a wealth of Disney theme park knowledge. John and his wife Sarah and their team over at WDWParkHoppers.com do a great job blogging about all the best stuff at Walt Disney World, so be sure to check them out.

Also big kudos to @TravelingHarris for an awesome job editing and putting this episode together, he captured all the action, chose some great music and I just love the way the final cut turned out, thanks Andrew!

For this week’s question of the week, our guest John cheesed out and threw the question of the week back to me. Just in case you are ever invited on a Travel with Rick episode, protocol dictates the guest asks the question of the week. My question this week was, “what’s your favorite Epcot restaurant”, this was an obvious one for me this week, since just before we filmed this episode we had lunch over at LeCellier in the Canada pavilion. This is definitely my favorite restaurant in Epcot, and although it’s usually very hard to get into, this particular day we just walked up and walked right in, what a great way to start our “working” day at Epcot! LeCellier happens to be our Camera guy, Andrew’s favorite restaurant too, not just in Epcot, but in all of Walt Disney World. Be sure to pop over to Travel with Rick and let us know what your favorite Epcot Restaurant is!

I hope you enjoy this week’s video, and we’ve got a great one planned for you next week too! Next week, I’ll be away with my wife Leslie on the Disney Wonder for her first trip up to Alaska! The video we have planned for next week was shot and narrated by Andrew, and he’ll be doing the blog post here and commenting over on Travel with Rick, and no, I’m not tellin’ what it is, you’ll have to come back next week and see yourself! Also check back here, I hope (depending on internet connections) to be blogging about our cruise on the Wonder to Alaska here. We leave on Monday for Vancouver then board the ship on Tuesday. Gonna grab lots of pics and video to share with you!

Have a great week everyone, see you back in two weeks!


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